Information Literacy

This course is designed to improve the 21st century skills of today’s students. Click here to download the syllabus and list of expectations.

 Assignments – Use hyperlinks below to speed up the process

  • News Article
    • Read about a world event from 2 different, credible news sources.  Summarize what you learned from these articles in a short paragraph.  Use Google News to make your search easier. Also include a short, separate sentence that highlights any differences between the two sources, including bias or incorrect information.
  • News Article #2
    • Repeat the steps from the previous homework assignment.  Include the proper citation for the news articles.  Use  to help you in this process.  Also look at this MLA citation guide for additional clarification.
      • Steps for using EasyBib
        • Go to
        • Click the Newspaper tab
        • Select the Manual Entry tab
        • Enter required information
        • Click Create Citation on the bottom of page when finished.
        • Copy and paste citation or download bibliography.
  • Position Paper
    • View the requirements for the position paper here.
    • For a list of possible topics, click here.
    • Locate an encyclopedia article
    • Locate 2 database sources
      • Go to
      • Click the Social Studies link on the left hand column
      • Also try the Gale Opposing Viewpoints database
      • Enter the username and password (available at library)
      • Click on the Issues tab at the top
      • Look for your topic
      • Find 2 documents from the left hand side.  Do not use the overview section as one of your sources.
      • Read and highlight any useful information.
    • Locate a book
    • Create an outline.  Follow this outline if you need help.
    • In-Text Citation and Works Cited
      • Click here to review the basics of in-text citation.
      • Here is a copy of the rubric.
      • You can use for a bibliography, but remember, computers make errors. Make sure that you check your work by using this helpful guide.
      • Set up a Turnitin account and submit your paper.  Watch the tutorial below.
  • Codes for Turnitin

Period 5

Period 7

Class ID: 13776867

Password: murray

Class ID: 13776986

Password: murray