US History II

The Immigrant Experience Essay

Immigration and Urbanization Unit, 1860s to 1890s

From the 1840’s to the 1920s, nearly thirty million people from Europe, Asia, and Latin America immigrated to the United States in search of economic opportunity and freedom.  Like the people who were born in this country, though, the amount of opportunity and freedom that immigrants truly experienced varied.  This assignment asks you to read the personal stories of two late 19th century immigrants to America and evaluate how much opportunity and freedom they experienced in this country.

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then read Chapter II (The Life Story of a Polish Sweatshop Girl) and Chapter III (The Life Story of an Italian Bootblack) and compose an essay that responds to the following prompt:

To what extent was America a land of opportunity and freedom for Sadie Frowne and Rocco Corresca?  Explain.

Format Requirements

Length approximately 2 ½ pages
Line Spacing Double spaced
Font 12 pt., Times New Roman
Margins Word or Wordperfect default settings, which means 1” top, bottom, left, right margins, with left margin justified
Text Citations Supporting evidence must come from the ebook, so if you quote from that, please cite the page number in parentheses at the end of the quote.
Due Dates: Friday, October 25th: a typed outline that includes a thesis statement, a topic/transition sentence for each body paragraph, and specific supporting evidence (quotes or paraphrased information from the text) underneath each topic/transition sentence must be submitted to by 9 p.m.  This outline will be 20% of the essay grade and is required in order for me to accept your final draft.Friday, November 1st: final draft of essay (to be submitted via by 9 p.m.