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Subscription Databases

Britannica Online

For basic background info.

Biography Resource Center

For biographical information on key figures.


Cold War – BBC

A great resource for information on the cold war.  Click on the “Fall of the Soviet Union 1985-1991” tab at the bottom for more specific information.

The Cold War Files – Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

A treasure-trove of documents, multimedia, and resources from the Cold War Era.

Making the History of 1989 – Geroge Mason University

This well-focused site contains both introductory essays and primary sources on the decay of Soviet-style Communism.

Berlin Wall – Wall Street Journal

A retrospective that chronicles the rise and the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Includes an interactive timeline that highlights pivotal moments in history for this symbol of the Cold War.

Empire Falls: The Revolutions of 1989 – The Nation

An article highlighting the factors that ultimately led to the collapse of communism.