Listed below are citation guides to help you correctly cite sources in the MLA format.  Proper citation does not only save you from unintentional plagiarism, but also allows other readers to follow the information trail back to the original source.


MLA Citation Tutorial- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This online tutorial is not as comprehensive as the OWL at Purdue, but it is short, sweet, and to the point.

MLA Formatting and Style Guide- The OWL at Purdue

The OWL is one of the most comprehensive online citation guides available .  If you find yourself struggling to correctly cite a source, use the OWL to help you with your research.

Automatic Citation Generators

Feeling lazy?  Use these web-based citation generators to produce your works cited page.  CAUTION – Always double check for accuracy.

Works Cited Worksheet

Download and print this worksheet to help keep your sources in order.


MLA Handbook for Writers and Researchers– Gibaldi, J. (8O8 Gib)

For the most comprehensive text available, check out Gibaldi’s  MLA Handbook for Writers and Researchersat the BHS Library.


When in doubt, consult the helpful staff at the BHS Library!