Massachusetts State Standards, Frameworks, and Benchmarks

Easy, searchable ways to meet the standards, frameworks, and benchmarks in your teaching.

Lesson Plan Help

These links provide great lesson plans covering a variety of disciplines.  Many sites allow you filter the results by grade, topic, and standards.

Copyright…Made Easy

Copyright law can have many gray areas, even in education.  These links provide non-legalese steps to help avoid copyright infringement.

21st Century Skills – Web 2.0 and more!

Develop your portfolio of 21st century learner and teaching skills with these web based tools.

Even More!

The 2012-2013 Teacher Technology Survey asked faculty to share their favorite online resources.  The result is a list of websites that offer everything from lesson plans to tech tutorials.  Below are some of the sites that Belchertown teachers mentioned.

 The BHS Library offers a wide variety of services. Click the “Teachers” tab on the top for links to standards, frameworks, benchmarks, and lesson plans, as well as information on copyright law and ways to improve your web skills. Also check out “Search Articles” on the left sidebar to access the depth of available online databases.

The JBMS Library links to the Educator’s Reference Complete, which contains over 8 million articles on education.

The CHCS Library links to BrainPOP and other resources for students, plus online training in everything from Microsoft Office 2010 to keyboarding.

Teachers Pay Teachers allows educators to share lesson plans and classroom materials that they have created.  Some teachers charge a small fee to download their creations, but over 58,000 resources are available free of charge.

The NSTA Learning Center for Science offers professional development and includes over 3000 free resources.

BrainPOP offers animated movies for students in K-12.  BrainPOP Jr does the same for students in grades K-3:

Online math exercises are grouped by grade and standard, covering pre-K to geometry, with ELA and advanced high school math coming soon.  The user-friendly interface makes answering math problems fun.

Over 500 hours of free online math videos.

The Florida Center for Reading Research has downloads including worksheets, flash cards, etc..

 Free resources and assessments from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.

It started with online math videos, but with grants from Google and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, it has grown enormously.  If you haven’t stopped by lately to check out their many video lessons, give them a look.

The YouTube of educational videos. Verizon’s free, online professional learning community.  Collaborate with other educators or access thousands of digital resources.

Online memorization tool lets users create flash cards, practice tests, and more.

 A collection of exhibits and objects from Memorial Hall Museum in Old Deerfield provide a window on New England history.  Click on “In the Classroom” for ideas about how to incorporate their materials into your teaching.

Offers activities and craft projects aimed at elementary students.

Lectures by some of the most influential figures of our time.

Website of the Public Broadcasting System.

Website of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

A “Google disk drive” that lets you store materials online and share them with others.

 A social network site that lets users create interactive posters and graphic blogs (“Glogs”).

An alternative to Google that offers greater privacy and fewer paid results when you search.

 Cloud-based presentation software that is challenging PowerPoint’s dominance in this field.